The journey so far...

The intention was always to search for a slower life.

A life filled with ease, flow (yes - even through the harder days!), gratitude and enjoying all the beautiful connectedness that life can bring.

A life feeling connected, empowered, strong and enabled.

My husband and I carved out online business and community years ago; one that focuses strongly on the notion of connecting through the shared love of living a slow home life and the act of sharing meals. We found that it was the simple (and sometimes little and not-so-obvious) details in life that brought us the most fulfilment. 

Like the love and labour poured shown by a friend who hand rolled pasta on your dinner plate, the way sunlight dances through your windowsill, the way music can move you to tears, the infinite happiness your inner being can't deny when you swim in still waters, or the absolute joy you feel from a shared meal filled with laughter - the kind that also brings you to tears!

Life is filled with these moments, but somehow we lost this beautiful vision as we got caught up in finding our way through the universal importance placed on money. Money over our time, and our experiences. 

We left behind our business, brand and online community behind in order to "get ahead of ourselves".

We thought we needed to focus on the jobs we had (my husband is a plumber and I trained in the legal sector), to provide for our young family and get ahead in life. Yes, we did get that mortgage. And the bigger car, and opted for jobs that meant career progressions. But did they bring us the same happiness that we felt those years ago? Being able to move through life with flow and no financial pressures? Absolutely not.

For us, it has always been the little details in life that brought us joy...

Fast forward a couple of years and we found ourselves completely burnt. It always felt like we had to chase our tail continuously and we still got nowhere near to where we had envisioned ourselves.

We were no longer in control of our life and instead, our finances began to control and navigate our life choices.

This space, this journey, is about recognising this. Celebrating the fails in our life and carving a happier, more balanced and slower paced life than the one that the world sells to us. 

A life that allows us to be in control, to be soft while continually learning, and one that enables us to gain the most precious thing we lose daily; our time.

Welcome to our new space - a new lease on life! Join us for the journey; all our musings, our trials, our learnings and most importantly, the things that are aiding us to embark on this slower chapter of our family's life.

Our Vision Board:

The things we want to fill our time with...

white sand beach during daytime
white sand beach during daytime